Your Cloud journey starts with us
Say hello to success and start your cloud journey with Trustsoft. Our team of DevOps experts and Cloud
Architects will work in partnership with you to deliver the best results based on our long term exp ertise and best
practices with the world’s leading public cloud platforms.
Apart from defining your cloud strategy and building a secure cloud foundation while optimizing your cloud
costs, we can also step in as your internal 24/7 DevOps and support team.
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Prague, Czechia | Zurich, Switzerland | London, United Kingdom
Cloud Foundation & Architecture
No matter if you choose private, public or hybrid cloud strategy we are ready to make your cloud
adoption swift and easy. With our Infrastructure-as-a-code approach we will build a secure and
compliant cloud foundation that will cater your business and development needs.
Smart Cloud Migration
Cloud migrations are often more complicated than just a basic lift-and-shift, because there are a
lot of decisions that have to be taken into account. Our experts will make sure yours is quick and
without disruption, with the focus on reducing costs and automation.
DevOps & CI/CD Automation
Expect the supercharged software delivery by aligning development and operations with
DevOps. We’ll assist with the implementation, tooling, and more to help your business put into
practice the more efficient, reliable, and faster software release cycle. What about to release well
tested software every hour instead of days or weeks?
Cloud Security & Compliance
Too often, cloud growth ambitions are limited by security considerations. We make sure that it will
not slow you down. You’re free to leverage the full benefits of cloud infrastructure and services –
with complete confidence that you’re protected.We will make sure that your infrastructure will
follow all the best practices. We evaluate your current cloud operations & architecture to ensure
you are getting the best value for your cloud investment.
Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning
Are you working with a large amount of data, sensors, smart devices or are you just simply trying
to predict the future? We got you covered. We have a team of certified experts with hands-on
experience with implementation and operation. Just tell us your use case.
24/7 Cloud Support & Management
As a leading, certified and trusted cloud computing partner, Trustsoft is able to leverage the best
practices of the biggest and best cloud platforms. Our team works nonstop to provide you with
reliable support for your cloud environment. We can also extend your team and we always work
closely with you.
Cloud Health & Billing Check
Don’t get overwhelmed by your cloud bill. We can evaluate and optimize your current cloud
operations & architecture and ensure you are getting the best value out of your cloud investment.
Also, as a cloud partner to all major cloud platforms we can offer you interesting benefits and
credits that will significantly lower your cloud bill.
Workshops & Training
To have a good knowledge of all of cloud services is a one thing but knowing how and when to
use each one is a completely different issue. Our tailor-made workshops and training will give you
all the information you need to experience the full benefit of the cloud platform when building
highly scalable web applications.
Senior Cloud
Application Developers
(Python, Go, Java, PHP, ..)
and Testers
Senior DevOps
AI/ Machine
Learning big data
on AWS
Running projects
Trustsoft IN NUMBERS
PMO 10
Our goal was to innovate faster and improve
customer journey across all channels. Trustsoft
helped us fulfilling those goals by migrating our
resources to highly scalable solution in AWS and
also saved us up to $ 1.5 million per year.
It was a great experience to work with the DevOps
team from Trustsoft. They introduced us to best
practicies and automations. Now we have more
than 5O microservices running in Kubernetes
cluster in Azure. And that is amazing!
We are building a globally scalable platform on AWS
that accelerates and standardizes the processing of
large data in medical research using machine
learning. Thanks to the skilled IT specialists from
Trustsoft, we we are meeting the deadlines with no
Trustsoft helped us improve the visibility over AWS
environments using Control Tower, improved
governance and security standards and also
designed and implemented dynamical
infrastructure for our highly accessed web
„Thanks to Trustsoft, we do not have to worry about
outages, we have a stable application and we can
easily expand our infrastructure.“
We are thankful that Trustsoft jumped into the
already started project with no hesitations and
helped us with swift data migration from one
platform to another. We used their best practices to
smooth up the process enabling us to better